For physician and award-winning author Karen Hitchcock (The Medicine: A Doctor’s Notes), growing your own food and gardening is a visibly productive therapy, an act of hope and a form of eccentric survivalist insurance. Hear Karen’s ode to the beauty of watching chaotic and random growth, as she offers advice on how to tread lightly when rabbits, kangaroos and cockatoos don’t know how to share. A physician, authorised cannabis prescriber and author, Karen reflects on why soil is teeming with life far more robust than we are, and why Earth will outlive its delinquent human tenants.

Karen Hitchcock (Australian)

Karen Hitchcock

Dr Karen Hitchcock is a physician and authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis. She writes for The Monthly. Her Quarterly Essay Dear Life: On caring for the elderly was republished as an expanded edition book in 2016. Her collection of short fiction Little White Slips won the 2010 Queensland Premier's Steele Rudd award. She holds a PhD in English. Her new book is The Medicine: A Doctor's Notes.

Angus Dalton (Australian)

Angus Dalton

Angus Dalton is the co-founding editor of Sweaty City, an independent magazine about climate change and urban ecology that launched in February 2020. His stories about octopuses, city-dwelling water dragons and rogue rescue dogs have appeared in Best Australian Science Writing 2019, Voiceworks, Overland and Australian Geographic. He has worked as the Editorial Manager of Good Reading magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Grapeshot and Fiction Intern at Kill Your Darlings. He is currently a Marketing & PR Executive at Simon & Schuster.