Finite relationships, fragile health, fraying economies, a planet in peril – in the muck and grit of a daily existence full of disappointments and a disturbing lack of control over the things that matter most, how do we find a light to ward off the darkness? Guardian Australia’s Bridie Jabour joins ABC’s The Drum host and New York Times columnist Julia Baird to discuss Phosphorescence, Julia’s investigation into how we can find and nurture internal happiness, even through the darkest times.

Julia Baird (Australian)

Julia Baird

Julia Baird is a globally renowned author, journalist and broadcaster. She hosts The Drum on ABC TV, and writes columns for The New York Times and The Sydney Morning Herald. After her first book, Media Tarts – which was based on her PhD in history about the portrayal of female politicians – was published in 2005, she moved to the United States to take up a fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School. When she was deputy editor of Newsweek in New York, she began work on a major biography of Queen Victoria, which was published in 2016 to critical acclaim. Her most recent book is Phosphorescence: On awe, wonder and things that sustain you when the world goes dark.

Bridie Jabour (Australian)

Bridie Jabour

Bridie Jabour is the Opinion Editor at Guardian Australia, where she has also worked as assistant news editor and a reporter. She writes social commentary and on pop culture and is a regular guest on The Drum, triple j and ABC News Breakfast. Her debut novel The Way Things Should Be was published in the UK as My Not So Functional Family.