Quality journalism holds the powerful to account and ensures we hear the voices of the most vulnerable people in our society. From uncovering wide-scale abuses in the aged care system to advocating for survivors of assault, our panel of Walkley Award–winning journalists have broken some of the biggest stories in recent history. Join Anne Connolly, Nina Funnell and Chris Reason as they discuss the ethical considerations they face every day and the impact great reporting can have, in conversation with Hugh Riminton.

Presented in partnership with the Walkley Foundation for Journalism.

Nina Funnell (Australian)

Nina Funnell

Nina Funnell has worked as a freelance journalist since 2007, with work published in a range of print and online outlets including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Saturday Paper, news.com.au, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, ABC Online, The Canberra Times, The Mercury, Mamamia and New Matilda. She has partnered with Channel Seven on several projects including the largest ever FOI investigation in Australia’s history. In 2018 Nina co-produced her first documentary for Al Jazeera, Australia: Rape on Campus. Nina specialises in reporting on violence against women, hazing and sexual assault within university communities, and other social justice issues.

Chris Reason (Australian)

Chris Reason

Seven Network Chief Reporter Chris Reason is one the most experienced and best known journalists in Australia. A former London Bureau Chief and then host of Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise, Morning News and the flagship 6pm News, his career has spanned more than three decades and covered some of the most important historical events of our time: September 11, the Boxing Day tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. He has been named the Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year, won a Walkley and two Logies. Chris is married to television journalist Kathryn Robinson, and has beaten cancer twice, but his proudest achievements are his 12-year-old twins, Sam and Lucy.

Anne Connolly (Australian)

Anne Connolly

Anne Connolly has worked at the ABC’s 7.30, Media Watch, Four Corners, Background Briefing and The Investigations Unit over the past 20 years. Anne has won five Walkley Awards, including the 2000 Gold Walkley, a Logie award, the Human Rights Award and Eureka Prizes. She was named Journalist of the Year at the 2019 Kennedy Awards. Anne initiated the crowdsourced investigation into aged care in 2018. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was announced the day before the airing of her two-part Four Corners investigation Who Cares?.

Hugh Riminton (Australian)

Hugh Riminton

Hugh Riminton is a 40-year news veteran, working chiefly as a foreign correspondent, anchor, show presenter and political reporter for CNN, Nine, the ABC and TEN, where he is National Affairs Editor. He has won numerous international and Australian journalism awards including two Walkleys and a Logie. With Peter van Onselen, Hugh hosts a weekly political news podcast The Professor And The Hack through 10 Speaks. His 2017 memoir Minefields: A Life in the News Game was an Australian bestseller.