They’re too young to vote, but schoolchildren across the country and globe are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to climate change. Hear from a panel of Australia’s most inspiring teen activists about how they are tackling the most pressing issue of our time and how they believe our leaders are letting them down. Jack Manning Bancroft speaks with leading activists and co-organisers of the School Strike 4 Climate protests, Jean Hinchliffe (author of the upcoming Lead the Way), Daisy Jeffrey (author of On Hope), Varsha Yajman and Sherice Jackson.

Jean Hinchliffe (Australian)

Jean Hinchliffe

Jean Hinchliffe is a 16-year-old student and a leading national organiser within School Strike 4 Climate, which campaigns for Australia to become fully carbon neutral. Her activism started at age 13 with the Vote Yes campaign and she has since worked with organisations including GetUp! and Stop Adani. She has spoken about School Strike 4 Climate on The Project and Foreign Correspondent. Jean is also an actress, appearing in ABC's Les Norton and the Netflix/ABCMe original The Unlisted.

Varsha Yajman (Australian)

Varsha Yajman

Varsha Yajman is a 17-year-old first-year university student and climate activist. Seeing the inadequacy of climate action being taken sparked her passion to engage in an intersectional movement that is not only about fighting for climate action but climate justice. Varsha is an organiser for the national and Sydney core team for School Strike 4 Climate and the 2019 NSW schools coordinator for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Daisy Jeffrey (Australian)

Daisy Jeffrey

Daisy Jeffrey is a 17-year-old climate activist and organiser for School Strike 4 Climate Australia. She is the author of On Hope.

Sherice Jackson (Australian)

Sherice Jackson

Sherice Jackson is a proud Bundjalung woman from Baryulgil and has lived and grown up on Darug land in Western Sydney for most of her life. Sherice is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at Western Sydney University while working at AIME Mentoring. Her AIME journey started in 2013 as a mentee of the program, graduating in 2016 with 100% attendance and then returning in 2017 to mentor in the program. In 2018, Sherice joined AIME as a Program Manager in the Western Sydney team, working with the same kids and community that she grew up in. Sherice had the opportunity to be AIME's Co-CEO in 2019. 2020 sees Sherice in her new role as Centre Manager of USYD where she has committed to stay and build out the program over the course of the next couple of years.

Jack Manning Bancroft (Australian)

Jack Manning Bancroft

Jack Manning Bancroft is the CEO and Founder of AIME, an award-winning social movement that uses mentoring and imagination to unlock the potential of marginalised youth to create a fairer world. AIME is an imaginative educational program and a volunteer mentoring movement – a social network for good. Jack’s vision is to unlock the AIME Imagination Curriculum for every school in the world and train teachers to be mentors so we can achieve educational parity and beyond for marginalised kids across the Earth’s surface.