We may feel at ease with our socially constructed identity, but how do we hide from the truth about ourselves? The Inner Self: The joy of discovering who we really are by prominent Australian psychologist and bestselling author Hugh Mackay draws on a lifetime of social research to show how we take refuge in such hiding places as addiction, materialism, nostalgia and work to avoid facing our real selves. Hugh discusses the psychological freedom gained by encountering our authentic self, and how overcoming our reluctance to live lovingly can unlock a more meaningful life.

Hugh Mackay (Australian)

Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay is a social psychologist, researcher, and the bestselling author of 21 books, including his latest two: Hiding From Ourselves and The Question of Love. Hugh's recent titles have included The Good Life and Australia Reimagined. Hugh was a weekly newspaper columnist for 25 years, has been a deputy chair of the Australia Council for the Arts and is a patron of the Asylum Seekers Centre. In 2015, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia.