Bestselling author Elliot Perlman has channelled his observations as a junior lawyer into
Maybe the Horse Will Talk, an unsparing satire looking at how today’s corporate culture dehumanises and disempowers us. Biting, dramatic and laugh-out-loud funny, the novel centres around a fable the protagonist tells his sons about a king who tires of his jester. Described as “Australia’s outstanding social novelist” (Times Literary Supplement), Elliot speaks with Nicole Abadee about the long-awaited follow-up to his Miles Franklin Award–nominated bestseller, The Street Sweeper.

Elliot Perlman (Australian)

Elliot Perlman

Elliot Perlman is the bestselling author of The Street Sweeper, Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Reasons I Won't Be Coming, Three Dollars; and for children: The Adventures of Catvinkle. His work has been translated into numerous languages and published to international acclaim. The French literary journal, Lire, described him as "the classic of tomorrow" and "one of 50 most important writers in the world". His most recent novel for adults is the bestseller, Maybe the Horse Will Talk.

Nicole Abadee (Australian)

Nicole Abadee

Nicole Adabee is the books writer for The Australian Financial Review. She also writes about books for Good Weekend and Australian Book Review, and appears regularly as a facilitator at writers’ festivals and other literary events. As a literary consultant, Nicole helps writers develop their manuscripts and advises on how to get published.