In recent years, Western societies have shifted towards what some would call the Russian approach to blurred notions of truth. Why did this culture emerge in Russia in the first place, and what does it tell us about the future of the West? And how do everyday Russians accommodate themselves and compromise with others in such a system? ABC Radio’s Linda Mottram explores these issues with prize-winning Soviet-born British journalist and This is Not Propaganda author Peter Pomerantsev and New Yorker Moscow correspondent and Between Two Fires author Joshua Yaffa.

Peter Pomerantsev (International)

Peter Pomerantsev

Peter Pomerantsev is a prize-winning Soviet-born British journalist and author. He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics, studying 21st-century information manipulation and how to fix it. An author and TV producer, he is a widely cited expert on disinformation and media, and writes for publications including Granta, The Atlantic, Financial Times and many others. His first book, Nothing is True and Everything is Possible, won the 2016 Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize, and was nominated for the Samuel Johnson, Guardian First Book, Pushkin House and Gordon Burns prizes. It has been translated into more than a dozen languages. His most recent book is This is Not Propaganda.

Joshua Yaffa (International)

Joshua Yaffa

Joshua Yaffa is the author of Between Two Fires. He is a correspondent for The New Yorker in Moscow. For his work in Russia, he has been named a fellow at New America, a recipient of the American Academy’s Berlin Prize and a finalist for the Livingston Award.

Linda Mottram (Australian)

Linda Mottram

Linda Mottram is the presenter of the ABC's flagship, daily, radio current affairs program, PM. A journalist and broadcaster for almost 30 years, she has hosted a range of programs, reported for the ABC and other international outlets on politics, policy, and crises across the world, interviewing world leaders, authors, refugees and terrorists. Twice an ABC foreign correspondent, in the Middle East then in Moscow, Linda has worked across 20 Middle Eastern nations, throughout the former Soviet states and across Asia and the Pacific. She's a Walkley award winner, originally from Perth, and is a graduate of the University of Western Australia.