The memoir of one of Australia’s most beloved musical artists, Clare Bowditch’s Your Own Kind of Girl reveals how a childhood punctuated by grief, anxiety and compulsion shaped her life for better and for worse. Missy Higgins praises the memoir as “a celebration of the human struggle” while Annabel Crabb calls it “a life-buoy, tossed across a generation by a sick and frightened young woman”. Clare joins ABC’s Leigh Sales to share her extraordinary, heartbreaking and at times humorous story and perform some special songs together.

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Clare Bowditch (Australian)

Clare Bowditch

In 2019, Clare Bowditch became a bestselling debut author with her memoir Your Own Kind of Girl. It is a book about the stories we tell ourselves, and what happens when we believe them. Before becoming an author, Clare was best known as an ARIA Award–winning musician and songwriter, an ABC broadcaster and Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year for her Contribution to Australian Culture. For the record, she believes writing a book to be substantially harder than writing a song.

Leigh Sales (Australian)

Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales is one of Australia's most respected journalists and anchors the ABC's flagship current affairs program 7.30. She is the author of three books, the latest of which is Any Ordinary Day. Leigh also co-hosts a popular culture podcast with Annabel Crabb called Chat 10, Looks 3.