Few have lived as many lives as Archie Roach – stolen child, teenage alcoholic, lover, father, musical genius, leader – but it took him almost a lifetime to find his true self. Tell Me Why: The Story of My Life and My Music details Archie’s shocking discovery of how he was forcibly removed from his family at the age of two, and explores how this shaped his remarkable life. Taking to the Festival stage to perform songs and speak with Warlpiri journalist Rachael Hocking, Archie reflects on his intimate, moving and often shocking odyssey through love, heartbreak and survival, and celebrates the healing power of music.

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Archie Roach (Australian)

Archie Roach

Archie Roach's memoir is one of the most powerful and highly anticipated Australian stories ever told. Not many have lived as many lives as Archie – from stolen child, teenage alcoholic, seeker, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, to social advocate and First Nations leader – but it took almost a lifetime to find who he really was. Tell Me Why is a compelling account of resilience and the strength of spirit to overcome trauma whilst searching for a sense of belonging – and a great love story. In this intimate, moving and often confronting journey, Archie's story is an extraordinary odyssey through love and heartbreak, family and community, survival and renewal – and testament to the healing power of music. It is also about his struggle to find the will to keep living following a debilitating stroke, lung cancer and the sudden death of his life partner of 38 years, Ruby Hunter – a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter in her own right. Archie voices the joy, pain and hope he found on his path through song to become the legendary singer-songwriter and storyteller that he is today – beloved and respected by fans worldwide. Archie will retire from touring in 2020 after 30 years of performing.

Rachael Hocking (Australian)

Rachael Hocking

Rachael Hocking is a Warlpiri woman with roots in the Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory. She has been a reporter and presenter for NITV since 2015, and currently co-hosts its flagship show The Point. In 2019, she joined the Board for the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma in the Asia Pacific, where she advocates for better, trauma-informed reporting in Indigenous communities. Rachael is an intersectional feminist who is passionate about Aboriginal women’s rights, language revival and climate justice.