Join three of our best loved political commentators as they take an irreverent look at the thrills and spills of the past year in Australian politics. ABC’s Chief Political Writer Annabel Crabb, The New Daily’s Political Editor Samantha Maiden, and journalist and commentator David Marr bring their generous smarts and wit to bear on the big stories of the year. These include poorly timed Hawaiian holidays, sports rorts, strategic errors, what Anthony Albanese is up to next and the one-year anniversary of the election result that no one saw coming.

David Marr (Australian)

David Marr

David Marr is a journalist and broadcaster who now writes for Guardian Australia. He’s published a couple of biographies and a number of books about politics, censorship and immigration. Over the last 10 years he has written a number of Quarterly Essays. His latest is The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race. He previously presented Media Watch and appears regularly on Insiders and The Drum. His most recent book is My Country, an anthology of essays.

Samantha Maiden (Australian)

Samantha Maiden

Samantha Maiden is the author of Party Animals – the secret history of a Labor fiasco. She has a longstanding reputation as a news breaker in the Canberra press gallery. Most recently, she revealed over summer that the Prime Minister was enjoying a secret holiday in Hawaii as bushfires raged across Australia. The political editor for The New Daily, she is also a regular political commentator on The Project. She has three children and has been based in Canberra covering federal politics since 1998.

Annabel Crabb (Australian)

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb is a writer and presenter for the ABC. She's also a keen amateur podcaster and co-hosts the inexplicably popular Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast with her colleague Leigh Sales, who lends credibility to the exercise. Annabel has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and TV as a political journalist and won a Walkley Award for Stop At Nothing: The Life And Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull. She published a bestselling book about gender and work, The Wife Drought, in 2014 and has published two cookbooks with childhood friend Wendy Sharpe, the latest of which is Special Guest. Her most recent Quarterly Essay is Men at Work.