Realism and surrealism intertwine in Braised Pork, An Yu’s dreamlike literary debut. A young woman finds her husband dead in the bathtub of their Beijing apartment, alongside a sketch of a strange creature. As she sets out to discover what happened, the novel expands to explore loss and a world beyond words, winding from the high-rises of modern Beijing to the high plains of Tibet. An meets Fiona Lee to discuss her story of loss and myth-making, which encompasses a period of drastic change in contemporary China and a young woman’s search through her past to arrive at her future.

An Yu (International)

An Yu

An Yu was born and raised in Beijing, and left at the age of 18 to study in New York at NYU. A graduate of the NYU MFA in Creative Writing, she writes her fiction in English. Her short stories were finalists for the Short-Story Award For New Writers from Glimmer Train and the Annual Contest from Dogwood Journal. Braised Pork is her first novel, and is due to be published in six languages worldwide.

Fiona Lee (Australian)

Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee is Lecturer in English at the University of Sydney, where she teaches global/postcolonial literatures. Her research explores 20th century histories of decolonisation and the cold war in Southeast Asia through the prisms of literature and the arts. She has published academic essays on Malaysian literature, art, and cinema. and is currently working on a book about English as a global literary language and how it shapes postcolonial racial imaginaries.