Australian paleontologist Tim Flannery examines how Europe’s deep past might inform the future in Europe: A Natural History. Taking readers to a pre-history when hippos swam the Thames and giant carnivorous hedgehogs roamed Italy, he conjures a landscape of exceptional diversity, rapid change and high energy that played a vital role in the evolution of our own species. ABC’s Michaela Kalowski meets Flannery to find out what his enthralling ecological history reveals about our past, present and future.

Tim Flannery (Australian)

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Tim Flannery is a palaeontologist, explorer and conservationist. He is a leading writer on climate change and the 2007 Australian of the Year. His books include the award-winning international bestseller The Weather Makers, The Future Eaters, Here on Earth and Atmosphere of Hope. He is currently chief councillor of the Climate Council. His latest book is Europe: A Natural History.

Michaela Kalowski (Australian)

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Michaela Kalowski is an interviewer and facilitator. She has conducted radio interviews for ABC RN's The Music Show and Big Ideas, for ABC Classic FM and has presented programs on ABC RN and Local Radio. She's interviewed writers and thinkers from the worlds of arts, science and politics. Highlight interviews include Amos Oz, Tom Keneally, Daniel Mendelsohn, Anthony Horowitz, Turia Pitt, Charlotte Wood, and Laura Marling.