Australian defamation law has been called a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ of poorly adapted legislation that offers insufficient protection for journalists and is ill-equipped to safeguard ordinary citizens in the digital age. Is it time we scrap the law or give it a dramatic rewrite? Former Melbourne University Press CEO Louise Adler puts these questions to David Marr, Professor David Rolph, and the ABC Life’s Osman Faruqi (who sued Mark Latham in a high-profile defamation case).

Events in Bay 17 at Carriageworks are closed-captioned. 

Louise Adler (Australian)

Louise Adler

Louise Adler is on the Executive Commitee of the International Publishers Association and the Freedom to Publish subcommittee. Earlier this year she stepped down as MUP's Chief Executive after 15 wonderful years.

Osman Faruqi (Australian)

Osman Faruqi

Osman Faruqi is the Deputy Editor of ABC Life and was formerly Junkee Media’s News Editor. He regularly presents on ABC News’ culture and arts program, The Mix, and has worked on the ABC’s award winning investigative journalism program Background Briefing. He has written for The Guardian, GQ, and The Australian on politics and culture. He is a two-time judge of the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

David Rolph (Australian)

David Rolph

David Rolph is a Professor of Law at the University of Sydney. He is the leading academic expert in Australia on defamation law. He is a regular columnist for the Gazette of Law and Journalism and a frequent media commentator on media law issues. His most recent book is Defamation Law.

David Marr (Australian)

David Marr

David Marr is a journalist and broadcaster who now writes for Guardian Australia. He’s published a couple of biographies and a number of books about politics, censorship and immigration. Over the last ten years he has written a number of Quarterly Essays. His latest is The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race. He previously presented Media Watch and appears regularly on Insiders and The Drum. His latest book is My Country, an anthology of essays.