Astrida Neimanis sits down with lauded author and Stella Prize co-founder Sophie Cunningham to discuss City of Trees, a powerful collection of essays considering the value and meaning of trees and nature in our cities and lives. Infusing travel writing with memoir, Sophie chronicles a mountain lion’s survival in Los Angeles, contemplates the loneliness of the first elephant in Australia, celebrates the iconic eucalyptus (notwithstanding its overseas status as an invasive species), and asks pressing questions about climate change.

Sophie Cunningham (Australian)

Sophie Cunningham

Sophie Cunningham is the author of five books, the latest of which is City of Trees. She is a former editor of Meanjin, former Chair of the Literature Board of the Australia Council, and a co-founder of The Stella Prize, an Australian prize for women writers. She is currently completing her third novel, This Devastating Fever. She is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University in the School of Media and Communication in the College of Design and Social Context.

Astrida Neimanis (Australian)

Astrida Neimanis

Astrida Neimanis is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney, and a Key Researcher with the Sydney Environment Institute. She writes about bodies, water, and weather from feminist perspectives, asking readers to reimagine their relationships to more-than-human worlds. Her latest book is Bodies of Water: Feminist Posthuman Phenomenology. She is currently working on its sequel, Feelings of Water.