After years of sleepless nights, British writer and editor Marina Benjamin penned Insomnia, a lyrical, witty and humane account of a malady that’s a source of deep angst for its sufferers and often afforded scant analysis by others. She sits down with Angela Ledgerwood to expand on a memoir that weaves together musings on everything from Nabokov’s dream diaries to Greek mythology, with reflections on the rituals and remedies she’s turned to in her ongoing quest for rest. 

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Marina Benjamin (International)

Marina Benjamin

Marina Benjamin is a writer, editor and author of The Middlepause, Rocket Dreams (shortlisted for the Eugene Emme Award), Last Days in Babylon (longlisted for the Wingate Prize) and Living at the End of the World. As a journalist, she's written for most of the British broadsheets and served as Arts Editor at the New Statesman and Deputy Arts Editor at the Evening Standard. She is currently a senior editor at the digital magazine Aeon. Her most recent book Insomnia has been praised widely.

Angela Ledgerwood (Australian)

Angela Ledgerwood

Angela Ledgerwood is the host and creator of the Lit Up Podcast, a weekly conversation with the world's most provocative writers. She is also a weekly contributor to Future Women and she is Esquire Magazine’s online books columnist. She started her writing career at Interview and Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York. Her nonfiction has appeared in Marie Claire, New York Magazine, The Australian and Condé Nast Traveler. In 2017 she helped program Fast Company’s Innovation Festival and hosted live events at Soho House and NeueHouse in New York. She now splits her time between Sydney and New York.