Kerry O’Brien, A Memoir is an honest and intimate account of the upheavals and personalities who made history during Kerry’s five-decade journalistic career. It includes memorable encounters with everyone from Thatcher to Obama, reflections on the 13 prime ministers he has seen come and go, and insights into the powerful people he called to account without fear or favour. In conversation with ABC Radio’s Philip Clark, Kerry discusses the greatest joys and toughest moments of his career, and appraises the state of play in Canberra today.

Kerry O’Brien (Australian)

Kerry O’Brien

Kerry O'Brien is a journalist and author best known for his 33 years at the ABC, including 15 years as the editor and anchor of The 7.30 Report, six years as the inaugural anchor of Lateline and five years as the anchor of Four Corners. His four-part ABC interview series with former Prime Minister Paul Keating was critically acclaimed and expanded into a bestselling book. His latest book, a memoir, is an intimate and ground-breaking account of the big milestone moments of the post-war era.

Philip Clark (Australian)

Philip Clark

Philip Clark is a well known ABC broadcaster who currently presents Nightlife, an Australia wide program on ABC Radio from Monday to Thursday. The program features interviews and specialist comment and opinion from a wide range of contributors. Philip has presented widely across the ABC and commercial media in both radio and television. Prior to joining the ABC he worked as a lawyer, ministerial staffer and as a senior journalist with Fairfax media.