In Trigger Warnings, broadcaster, writer, and Guardian Australia columnist Jeff Sparrow excavates the development of a powerful new vocabulary against progressive causes. From the Days of Rage to Gamergate, and from the New Left to the alt-right, Jeff traces changing attitudes to democracy, trauma, symbolism and liberation in an exhilarating history of ideas and movements. Join Jeff for a discussion with Wilamina Russo about challenging progressive and conservative orthodoxies alike, as he makes a persuasive case for a new kind of politics.

Jeff Sparrow (Australian)

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Jeff Sparrow is a writer, broadcaster and editor. He writes a regular column for Guardian Australia; he appears on 3RRR's Breakfasters program and is the immediate past editor of Overland magazine. His most recent book is Trigger Warnings: Political Correctness and the Rise of the Right. His previous book No Way But This: In Search of Paul Robeson was shortlisted for the Best Writing Award at the Melbourne Prize.

Wilamina Russo (Australian)

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Wilamina Russo is a Sydney based writer and podcast host who loves people and the stories they have to tell.