Earlier this year, New Yorker writer Ian Parker published his viral investigation into the lies and deceptions – involving sickness, death and fake collaborations – shadowing Dan Mallory, the book editor who penned the bestselling debut thriller The Woman in the Window under the pseudonym A.J. Finn. Ian talks with Walkley Award–winning journalist Malcolm Knox about piecing together his article, the relationship between truthfulness and fiction, and the uncomfortable questions Mallory’s ascent raises about the publishing industry. 

Ian Parker (International)

Ian Parker

Ian Parker contributed his first piece to The New Yorker in 1994 and became a staff writer in 2000. He has profiled a range of cultural figures, including the Apple design chief Jonathan Ive, the photographer Sebastião Salgado, the singer Elton John, the former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis, and the journalists Christopher Hitchens and Glenn Greenwald. His 2004 article, “The Gift,” received the National Magazine Award for Profile Writing. In February 2019 he published an article on the lies of Dan Mallory, the thriller author who writes under the name A.J. Finn. Parker grew up in the UK and lives in New York.

Malcolm Knox (Australian)

Malcolm Knox

Malcolm Knox is the author of 21 books including, most recently, The Wonder Lover. A journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, he has won two Walkley Awards, including the investigative journalism award in 2004 for his expose of the American author Norma Khouri's fake memoir Forbidden Love.