Annabel Crabb talks to a panel of insiders about the fraught and sensitive relationship between politicians and the press. How do journalists ensure accurate reporting while cultivating sources? How do they navigate porous concepts like ‘on background’ and ‘off the record’? And how symbiotic is the relationship between politicians wanting airtime and reporters looking for a sound bite? Featuring 2018 Walkley Award winner Sharri Markson, veteran political reporter Samantha Maiden and The Australian columnist and Road to Ruin author Niki Savva.

Events in Bay 17 at Carriageworks are closed-captioned.

Samantha Maiden (Australian)

Samantha Maiden

Samantha Maiden is the political editor for The New Daily. She has three children and has been based in Canberra as a political correspondent since 1998.

Niki Savva (Australian)

Niki Savva

Niki Savva writes a weekly political column for The Australian, and is a regular panellist on Insiders. She has written two books, So Greek, confessions of a conservative leftie, and The Road to Ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin destroyed their own government, which won the ABIA award for best non-fiction book 2017. She is now writing a third book, Highway to Hell, on the demise of Malcolm Turnbull, which is scheduled for release in July.

Sharri Markson (Australian)

Sharri Markson

Sharri Markson is an Australian journalist. She is National Political Editor for The Daily Telegraph.

Annabel Crabb (Australian)

Annabel Crabb

Annabel Crabb is a writer and presenter for the ABC. She's also a keen amateur podcaster and co-hosts the inexplicably popular Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast with her colleague Leigh Sales, who lends credibility to the exercise. Annabel has worked extensively in newspapers, radio and TV as a political journalist and won a Walkley award for Stop At Nothing: The Life And Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull. She published a bestselling book about gender and work, The Wife Drought, in 2014 and has published two cookbooks with childhood friend Wendy Sharpe, the latest of which is Special Guest.