The Rosie Result is the triumphant final instalment of the internationally bestselling and much-loved Rosie trilogy by Graeme Simsion. This time, Don and Rosie have returned to Australia with a son who is struggling to fit in at school. Don enacts a plan to help, all the while contending with the Genetics Lecture Outrage, Rosie’s troubles at work and the opening of the world’s best cocktail bar. Simsion talks about the eagerly awaited finale of his hugely successful series with ABC RN’s Claire Nichols.

Graeme Simsion (Australian)

Graeme Simsion

At the age of fifty, Graeme Simsion enrolled in a course in screenwriting at RMIT. It took him five years to work out that most movies were adaptations of bestselling novels. So he reverse-adapted his screenplay as a novel. The Rosie Project was ABIA book of the year in 2014. He followed with three more international bestsellers: The Rosie Effect, The Best of Adam Sharp and Two Steps Forward (with Anne Buist). His latest book is The Rosie Result.

Claire Nichols (Australian)

Claire Nichols

Claire Nichols is the host of The Book Show on ABC RN, a weekly radio program that features in-depth author interviews as well as news and analysis from the publishing world. She has spent a decade at the ABC, with roles in news, current affairs, local radio and at RN. She is the proud recipient of consecutive WA Media Awards for arts reporting. When she’s not reading, Claire is likely to be found at a dance class, or in a theatre somewhere.