In 2013, journalist Ginger Gorman was trolled online. She received scores of hateful tweets, including a death threat. A picture of Ginger heavily pregnant alongside her family appeared on a fascist website. Understandably she was terrified, but once the attack subsided, she found herself curious. Over the next five years Ginger spoke to psychologists, trolling victims, law enforcement, academics and the trolls themselves in order to understand the dark depths of the internet. Join Ginger as she discusses Troll Hunting, her exploration into the world of online hate, with Lex Hirst.

Ginger Gorman (Australian)

Ginger Gorman

Ginger Gorman is an award-winning social-justice journalist based in Canberra, Australia. In 2013, Ginger and her family suffered the effects of online hate first-hand, and it was this experience that set Ginger on her professional journey into the world of trolls. In 2017 her series of articles on trolling for Fairfax newspapers in Australia went viral, and became some of the most read Australian stories of the year. She is now in demand as an expert on online hate, and has written and spoken extensively about trolling and social media self-defence in Australian and global contexts. Her book Troll Hunting is a deep dive into the world of online hate and its human fallout - from both the victims' perspective and the trolls' view.

Lex Hirst (Australian)

Lex Hirst

Lex Hirst is the Publisher at social purpose publishing house Pantera Press. A former director of the National Young Writers' Festival and the Junkee Junket Unconference, she's always on the lookout for exciting new voices, great storytelling and books that spark conversation, imagination and change.