Short stories have an intensity and precision that differentiate them from novel-length works. The Guardian recently suggested that the short story is the format of our time, and to many, its appeal is undeniable. In this half-day workshop with award-winning author Felicity Castagna (No More Boats), you’ll unpack what makes a successful short story – including plot, structure, form, character and voice – and how to hone your ideas into compelling works.

Felicity Castagna (Australian)

Felicity Castagna

Felicity Castagna is the author of the multi award-winning novel The Incredible Here and Now, and its stage adaptation which premiered at The National Theatre of Parramatta in 2017. Her collection of short stories Small Indiscretions was named an ABR book of the year. Her work has appeared on ABC Radio and TV as well as in national journals and newspapers. Her latest book No More Boats was shortlisted for The Miles Franklin Award and is forthcoming in the US and UK. She runs the storytelling series Studio Stories and is the program director for the Western Sydney women’s writers mentorship scheme, Finishing School.