“Crack a sudoku, and you sense nine tumblers clicking into place,” says crossword maker and popular Wordplay columnist David Astle. “But when you solve or set a crossword ... the effect is multidimensional, a symposium of allusion and association. Not only do the tumblers click, but the whole vault door swings ajar.” Don’t miss hearing David talk about his love of cryptic crosswords in conversation with ABC’s language research specialist Tiger Webb.

David Astle (Australian)

David Astle

David Astle is a crossword maker for The Sydney Morning Herald, and a Wordplay columnist with Spectrum. David is a full-time word nerd. He's written some 12 books, most recently Rewording The Brain, and 101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes). David hosts Evenings on ABC Melbourne, and appears on ABC TV's News Breakfast as their regular verbivore.

Tiger Webb (Australian)

Tiger Webb

Tiger Webb is the ABC’s language research specialist, which mostly involves looking after a style guide and a pronunciation database. If you’re wondering, that is his real name.