Godspeed is the unflinching memoir of athleticism, addiction and survival by the exceptionally talented Casey Legler, a former Olympic swimmer and the first woman to sign a male-modelling contract with Ford Models. Described as “raw and poetic... lean and ferocious” by The New York Times, it charts the mismatch between Casey’s public rise and coming of age under extreme circumstances, and their private unravelling through addiction. Casey shares their compelling story of resilience and defiance with Sally Rugg.

Supported by the University of Sydney.

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Casey Legler (International)

Casey Legler

Casey Legler is an artist, restaurateur, model, and a former Olympic swimmer. Born in France to expatriate American parents, Casey grew up in Provence, and went on to swim for France in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. The first woman signed to Ford Models to exclusively model men’s clothes, Casey has been featured in Vogue, Le Monde, and Time. The New York Times called their memoir, Godspeed, “Raw and poetic… lean and ferocious.”

Sally Rugg (Australian)

Sally Rugg

Sally Rugg is a LGBTIQ activist and the Executive Director of Change.org Australia. She worked at the forefront of the campaign for marriage equality while Campaign Director at GetUp. Her first book How Powerful We Are is about dirty politics, sophisticated campaigning and how Australia finally said 'yes' to love, and will be published in 2019.