Investigative reporter Anabel Hernández risked her life securing access to internal documents and surveillance footage to write her gripping exposé that implicates the most powerful people in Mexico. A Massacre in Mexico is the definitive account of one of the country’s most shocking flashpoints: the kidnap and suspected murder of 43 student activists and the subsequent cover-up that stunned a nation. Anabel appears in conversation with ABC Radio’s Philip Clark.

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Anabel Hernández (International)

Anabel Hernández

Anabel Hernández is a lead investigative journalist based in Mexico. For the last fifteen years Anabel has focused on investigating drug trafficking cartels in México, and the Mexican government's corruption and abuse of power. Anabel is the author of six books including Narcoland: The Mexican drug lords and their godfathers which exposed the deep complicity between drug cartels, Mexican businessmen and public officials at the highest level. After its publication, Anabel, along with her family and sources, received a series of attacks and acts of intimidation, which so far have gone unpunished. She has written for The Guardian, Le Monde, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Internazionale, Reforma, Proceso, Univision and Telemundo. Her investigations into drug trafficking and corruption have been referenced by media organisations around the world including: BBC, The New Yorker, CNN, Aljazeera, and NBC.

Philip Clark (Australian)

Philip Clark

Philip Clark is a well known ABC broadcaster who currently presents Nightlife, an Australia wide program on ABC Radio from Monday to Thursday. The program features interviews and specialist comment and opinion from a wide range of contributors. Philip has presented widely across the ABC and commercial media in both radio and television. Prior to joining the ABC he worked as a lawyer, ministerial staffer and as a senior journalist with Fairfax media.