A maverick of contemporary Chinese literature, Xue Yiwei is the author of some 18 acclaimed books. His short-story collection Shenzheners takes readers beneath the surface of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” in the megalopolis Shenzhen. Inspired by James Joyce’s Dubliners, it was named one of the most influential Chinese books of the year following its release. Hear the Montreal-based author in conversation with Luise Guest about a collection that reveals the hopes and dreams of ordinary people grappling with the impact of globalisation.

Supported by Mrs. Judith Neilson AM and the White Rabbit Gallery.

Xue Yiwei is supported by the Consulate General of Canada, Sydney.

Xue Yiwei (International)

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Xue Yiwei is the author of 18 acclaimed books in Chinese, including five novels, five collections of short stories and novellas, and five literary essays. Ha Jin called him “a maverick in contemporary Chinese literature”, and his works have been translated into English, French, Swedish, German and Italian. The English version of Dr. Bethune’s Children, a novel banned in China for more than 6 years, has drawn international attention since its English publication in 2017. Yiwei lives in Canada.

Luise Guest (Australian)

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Luise Guest is the Manager of Research for the White Rabbit Collection, currently the largest ongoing collection of contemporary Chinese art internationally. A writer, researcher and art educator – and a very bad student of Chinese – Luise writes regularly about Chinese art for The Art Life. Her book Half the Sky: Conversations with Women Artists in China was published by Piper Press in 2016. Luise's current research project examines Chinese women artists whose work subverts and reinvents traditions of ink painting.