Young-adult novelist Alice Pung reflects on one of her biggest in influences – the much-loved and hugely successful writer John Marsden. In conversation with Amelia Lush, Alice considers how the pioneering author of teen fiction such as Tomorrow, When the War Began affected her own craft. In particular, she contemplates how his frank portrayal of teenage issues inspired her to write more honestly about what matters to young people, including in her novel Laurinda and the Our Australian Girl: Marly series.

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Alice Pung (Australian)

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Alice Pung is an award-winning Melbourne writer whose latest book, On John Marsden, is a meditation on her biggest literary influence. She is the author of Laurinda, Her Father’s Daughter, and Unpolished Gem, and the Editor of Growing Up Asian in Australia and My First Lesson. She also wrote a children’s series, Our Australian Girl.

Amelia Lush (Australian)

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Amelia Lush is the recipient of the 2016 Penguin Random House Young Bookseller of the Year Award, and the 2014 Elizabeth Reilly Fellowship for Children's Bookselling. Over her career, she has been selected to judge literary awards, such as the ABIA Awards, Indie Awards and Richell Prize. Amelia has a decade of front-line bookselling under her belt, and loves nothing more than delving into discussions with others who share a passion for literature.