The Twentieth Man is the gripping debut novel from one of Australia’s most admired journalists and host of ABC’s Q&A, Tony Jones. In 1972, a journalist takes an early-morning phone call from her boss, telling her about two bombings in Sydney’s CBD. In the Austrian Alps, one of 20 would-be revolutionaries slip stealthily over the border into Yugoslavia on a mission planned and funded in Australia. Join Tony as he speaks about his fast-paced thriller of terrorism, politics and betrayal.

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Tony Jones (Australian)

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Tony Jones is one of Australia's most experienced journalists, and the winner of six Walkley Awards and many others for his work on the ABC as a reporter for Four Corners, Lateline and as a foreign correspondent in Europe during the chaos of the Yugoslavia civil wars and the end of communism. For the past decade he has been the presenter of the ABC's much-loved Q&A. The Twentieth Man is his first novel, and he's currently working on the sequel.