Two of Australia’s most respected journalists – ABC’s Q&A host Tony Jones and Four Corners reporter Michael Brissenden – appear with Louise Adler to discuss why they have turned to fiction after decades of reporting the news. Tony is the author of The Twentieth Man, a fast-paced historical thriller that moves from the mountains of Yugoslavia to Canberra’s covert power struggles. Michael’s The List is a suspenseful page-turner that spans Afghanistan, Western Sydney and Parliament House, in which justice, revenge and the war on terror collide.

Tony Jones (Australian)

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Tony Jones is one of Australia's most experienced journalists, and the winner of six Walkley Awards and many others for his work on the ABC as a reporter for Four Corners, Lateline and as a foreign correspondent in Europe during the chaos of the Yugoslavia civil wars and the end of communism. For the past decade he has been the presenter of the ABC's much-loved Q&A. The Twentieth Man is his first novel, and he's currently working on the sequel.

Michael Brissenden (Australian)

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Michael Brissenden has worked for the ABC for more than thirty years. He has been a political journalist and foreign correspondent for the ABC since 1987. He began his career covering Federal politics and has been a correspondent in Moscow, Brussels and Washington. A two-time Walkley Award winner, Michael has recently joined the ABC's Four Corners as a reporter. In 2017 he published his first book of fiction, The List, a thriller set in Sydney.

Louise Adler (Australian)

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Louise Adler is the Chief Executive of Melbourne University Publishing, the President of the Australian Publishers Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Publishers Association.