Much-loved author and New Scientist contributor Michael Brooks found a fascinating subject in 16th-century Milanese astrologer Jerome Cardano – a brothel keeper, problem gambler and quite possibly the discoverer of the mathematical foundations of quantum physics. The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook tells Cardano’s story with the panache of a novel that’s by turns a Renaissance family drama and a primer on some of modern science’s most vexing topics. ABC RN’s Natasha Mitchell sits down with Michael to learn more about his wildly unorthodox biography.

Michael Brooks (International)

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Michael Brooks, who holds a PhD in quantum physics, is an author, journalist and broadcaster. A consultant at New Scientist and co-host of the award-winning podcast Science(ish), his latest book is The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook. Brooks’s other books include At The Edge of Uncertainty, The Secret Anarchy of Science and the bestselling non-fiction title 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense. His writing has appeared in publications including The Guardian, New Statesman, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Natasha Mitchell (Australian)

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Natasha Mitchell is a multi-award winning ABC journalist, broadcaster and podcaster, presenting flagship programs including Life Matters and All in the Mind and now ABC RN's new culture, science and storytelling show, Science Friction. She served as Vice President of the World Federation of Science Journalists and her work has received accolades internationally, including the New York Radio Festivals' Grand Prize and four Gold World Medals, and an MIT Knight Fellowship. She was co-editor of Best Australian Science Writing 2013.