Founder of the world’s largest religion and subject of intense historical scrutiny, Jesus of Nazareth is not a tidy monolithic character, but a complex, multi-layered and sometimes contradictory figure. In his book A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus, Australian scholar John Dickson offers a compelling introduction to Jesus as he is portrayed in the earliest historical sources. In conversation with ABC’s Johanna Nicholson, he explores the ongoing investigation into the life and significance of Jesus for believers and doubters alike.

Supported by Bible Society Australia.

John Dickson (Australian)

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Starting out as a professional singer-songwriter, John now works as an author, speaker, historian, senior pastor, and media presenter. He has published 15 books, two of which have become television documentaries, with a third due for release in March 2018. He teaches a course on the Historical Jesus at the University of Sydney and researches the origins of Christianity in the Roman empire. For 2017-18 he is also a Visiting Academic in the Faculty of Classics at Oxford University in the UK.

Johanna Nicholson (Australian)

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Johanna Nicholson has enjoyed a 13-year career in broadcast journalism. She currently co-presents the ABC's Weekend Breakfast television program. She has worked for the ABC for 7 years as a presenter, reporter and producer. Johanna studied political science at Macquarie University and journalism at the London School of Journalism. She's previously worked at Sky News in both Australia and London.