Over nearly 40 years as a journalist and foreign correspondent, Hugh Riminton has been shot at, almost blown up, threatened with deportation and thrown in jail. He has reported from nearly 50 countries, witnessing massacres, wars, conflicts and every kind of natural disaster. Hear him discuss his captivating memoir, Minefields, and reflect on an extraordinary life – from being a small-town teenager with a drinking problem, to cleaning rat cages for a living, to becoming an award–winning international journalist.

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Hugh Riminton (Australian)

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Hugh Riminton has been a journalist and foreign correspondent for nearly 40 years, working chiefly for CNN and Australian television. He has received major journalism honours in Australia, the United States and Asia - including the Dupont-Columbia Award (US), two Asian TV Awards, two Walkley Awards, a Logie and honours from the Australian Human Rights Commission and the UN Association Peace Award. He has reported wars and conflicts on four continents and witnessed some of the largest humanitarian disasters in recorded history. His memoir, Minefields: A Life In The News Game, was published in October 2017.