More than just obsessed with sport, Australia measures its place in the world by its on-field triumphs. But what does our need to succeed say about us as a country? And how has the development of our sporting culture reflected broader changes in society? Join two of Australia’s most astute sport writers, David Hill (The Fair and the Foul) and Joe Gorman (The Death and Life of Australian Soccer), for a thought-provoking discussion about our enduring national obsession, in conversation with Jessica Richards.

Joe Gorman (Australian)

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Joe Gorman is a freelance journalist and author of The Death and Life of Australian Soccer. His journalism has been published in The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Courier-Mail, Overland, New Matilda, Sports Illustrated, Penthouse and SBS. He has appeared on ABC television and radio, and on Al Jazeera.

David Hill (Australian)

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David Hill's latest book, The Fair and the Foul, is his eighth book. Prior to becoming an author he was Chairman and Managing Director of the ABC, the CEO of the State Rail Authority, Chairman of Sydney Water, Chairman of Soccer Australia, and President of the North Sydney Rugby League Bears. He holds a Masters of Economics degree and in 2006 returned to university and graduated in classical archaeology. He is now the project manager of the archaeological survey of the ancient Greek city of Troizen and between 2005 and 2016 was the Chairman of the International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures.

Jessica Richards (Australian)

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Jessica Richards' research interests broadly focus on the sociology of sport, with a particular emphasis on sports fan behaviour and stadium geography. Jessica has both lectured and coordinated units in the field of sport sociology, sport management and the business industry and has been an invited panellist to speak to these topics on numerous occasions. She is currently preparing a book proposal based on her thesis and has published numerous articles on sports fans of Rugby League and Association Football.