While political memoirs are often dry, self-congratulating affairs, The Canberra Times has described Incorrigible Optimist as a memoir crackling with “wit, self-deprecating humour and illuminating insights”. Gareth covers the breadth of his colourful public life as a central figure in Australian politics and a significant voice in international policymaking for more than three decades. Kerry O’Brien sits down for a revealing chat with the man Bob Hawke once praised as having the most acute mind of any of his ministers.

Gareth Evans (Australian)

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Gareth Evans was a Cabinet Minister in the Hawke-Keating governments for thirteen years, including as Foreign Minister from 1988-96. He led the Brussels-based International Crisis Group from 2000-09, and is now Chancellor and Honorary Professorial Fellow at the Australian National University. He co-chaired major international commissions on mass atrocity crimes and nuclear weapons, has won many national and international awards, and has written or edited thirteen books, most recently Inside the Hawke Keating Government: A Cabinet Diary and Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir.

Kerry O’Brien (Australian)

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Kerry O’Brien is one of Australia’s most distinguished and respected journalists and the winner of six Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism. He has been a journalist for 50 years covering print, television and wire service, as a reporter, feature writer, columnist and foreign correspondent. For ABC TV, he presented The 7.30 Report for more than 15 years, Four Corners for five years and Lateline for six years. He has interviewed many world leaders including Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, as well as many influential figures in the arts, science and business. For 20 years he was also the face of the ABC’s election night coverage. Kerry’s acclaimed four-part interview series with former Prime Minister Paul Keating was broadcast on the ABC in 2013, and his book expanding on those conversations was published in 2015. His memoir is due out in 2018.