Some years ago, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Elizabeth Farrelly asked, “Does art, especially public art, still matter? And what etiquette governs its manners in a time of babel?” In her book Running the City, curator Felicity Fenner provides examples of public art that delight, inspire and challenge us, and emphatically demonstrates why public art remains vital to cityscapes. Join Felicity as she reflects on the relationship between creativity, the public domain and communities, and how a city’s art can help shape its identity.

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Felicity Fenner (Australian)

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Felicity Fenner is a leading curator of contemporary art. Her work focuses on aspects of place and place-making, encapsulated in projects such as Primavera 2005 at Sydney’s MCA, the 2008 Adelaide Biennial and exhibitions commissioned for the 2009 Venice Biennale and 2013 International Symposium of Electronic Arts. She publishes regularly in leading art journals, is a lead investigator on the international Curating Cities database of public art, and a member since 2007 of City of Sydney’s Public Art Advisory Panel.