A fifth-generation sheep grazier turned ecologist from NSW’s Monaro region, Charles Massy believes we are facing the gravest ecological challenge in history. His passionately argued new book, Call of the Reed Warbler, offers a way to reverse destructive agricultural practices and ensure the future of our food supply, Australia’s landscape and the planet itself. The Australian’s chief literary critic Geordie Williamson speaks to Charles about this galvanising treatise on our relationship with growing and eating food.

Charles Massy (Australian)

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Charles Massy is a landscape manager/farmer, part-time university lecturer, and author. Following three books on Australia’s wool and Merino industries, he completed a PhD in 2012 following his concern about land degradation and humanity’s sustainability challenge. This led to his new book, Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth, which concerns the emergence of a regenerative agriculture in Australia and its positive implications for both addressing humanity’s Anthropocene crisis and also for human health.

Geordie Williamson (Australian)

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Geordie Williamson is Chief Literary Critic of The Australian and a former publisher of Picador Australia. He is the author of The Burning Library, an essay collection on neglected figures in Australian literature, and his new book Lairds of Rapa Nui, about Scottish merchants who owned Easter Island, is forthcoming.