In fantasy worlds, the maps, invented languages and fantastic beasts are all important, but without familiar details interwoven through their fabric, they ring hollow. What is it about our favourite fantasy worlds that enchants us? Often it is as much about what we recognise as it is about the outer reaches of the imagination. How do you make characters believable? What does it take to create a world that sparks a reader’s interest? Join author Alison Croggon to find out.

Alison Croggon (Australian)

Croggon, Alison c Daniel Keene.jpg

Alison Croggon is the award-winning author of the fantasy series The Books of Pellinor, which have sold half a million copies worldwide. Her other novels include: The River and the Book and Black Spring; and the science fiction dystopian novel Fleshers, which she co-wrote with her husband Daniel Keene.