At 11am, Sarah Kanowski, presenter of ABC Radio’s Conversations, hosts a live broadcast, drawing you into a fascinating real-life story. At noon, Kate Evans, Cassie McCullagh and Festival guests join RN’s The Bookshelf to discuss the books they are enjoying, as well as those that are surprising or challenging them. Be in the audience for these entertaining national broadcasts.

Francisco Cantú no longer appears at this event.

Sarah Kanowski (Australian)

Kanowski, Sarah.jpeg

Sarah Kanowski hosts ABC Radio’s Conversations on Thursdays and Fridays. Before joining Conversations permanently in 2018, Sarah co-presented ABC RN’s Books and Arts. She studied English at the University of Oxford, where she wrote a thesis on the Mosley family. Sarah then spent a year in South America before heading to Hobart to edit the literary magazine Island. Grandparents and sunshine beckoned her back to Brisbane where she now lives with her husband and three children.

Kate Evans (Australian)

Evans, Kate c ABC.jpg

Kate Evans presents The Bookshelf on ABC RN with Cassie McCullagh, after years of interviewing writers for RN Books and Arts and Books Plus, as well as working across a whole slew of other RN programs. She regularly appears on stage in conversation with writers and artists. She has a PhD in history, cannot get through a day without reading fiction, and has a wildly idiosyncratic system of shelving and piling up books.

Cassie McCullagh (Australian)

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Cassie McCullagh co-presents ABC RN’s The Bookshelf with Kate Evans, a weekly show discussing latest literary fiction releases with writers, critics and publishing industry insiders. Cassie hosts Focus on ABC Radio Sydney on weekday mornings at 10am, taking a closer look at contemporary issues. Cassie has also presented RN’s flagship social affairs program Life Matters, and reported on books, arts and popular culture. Prior to joining the ABC, Cassie worked in print journalism as a feature writer, news reporter and columnist.