Behind the Wire works with people to tell their stories about seeking asylum and being indefinitely detained by the Australian government. Their book, They Cannot Take the Sky, was launched this year. Through audio, video and live storytelling, narrators Peter, Lina and Hani Abdile will tell stories of hope, suffering and resilience, followed by a conversation with Hani and Behind the Wire coordinator, Angelica Neville. These are the voices you will not forget.

Hani Abdile (Australian)

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Hani Abdile is a writer and spoken word poet who fled the civil war in Somalia. She made her way to Australia by boat and spent 11 months on Christmas Island. While detained, Hani found healing in writing poetry. She is an honorary member of PEN, a lead writer for the Writing Through Fences group, and has received numerous awards for her community work and many achievements since being released from immigration detention. Her first book I Will Rise was published in 2016 to critical acclaim.

Angelica Neville (Australian)

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Angelica Neville is a Behind the Wire coordinator. For her postgraduate studies, she specialised in forced migration and refugee studies at the University of Oxford. She has written for Right Now, Al Jazeera and The Big Issue, and was the editor-in-chief of the Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration.