What happens when a writer leaves their homeland for another? Four authors who have hung their hats in fresh fields come together to discuss the effect of their backgrounds and nomadic lives on their work. Join author and foreign correspondent Caroline Brothers (The Memory Stones), Chinese-Australian performer and writer Jenevieve Chang (The Good Girl of Chinatown), English-born author Sara Foster (The Hidden Hours) who now lives in Perth, and Australian author David Francis (Wedding Bush Road), who calls Los Angeles home.

Supported by Macquarie University.

David Francis (Australian)

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David Francis' first novel Agapanthus Tango was published in seven languages. His second, Stray Dog Winter, was named Novel of the Year in the Australian Literature Review and won an American Library Association Stonewall Prize for Literature. His most recent novel, Wedding Bush Road, was released in November 2016. David's short fiction has appeared in Best Australian Stories, Meanjin, Griffith Review, Southern California Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Rattling Wall, Los Angeles Times and Harvard Review.

Caroline Brothers (Australian)

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Caroline Brothers is a novelist, historian and foreign correspondent who has worked in Europe and Latin America. She has contributed to Meanjin and The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as The New York Times and The Guardian. She has also been a reporter and an editor at the International New York Times in Paris. Caroline is the author of War and Photography, and the novel Hinterland, which won a McKitterick award and has been translated into German, Italian, Dutch and Czech. Her new novel, The Memory Stones, tells the story of The Disappeared following Argentina’s 1976 coup.

Jenevieve Chang (Australian)

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Jenevieve Chang is an actor, writer, movement director and recovering showgirl. After training in London, Jenevieve lived in Shanghai and became part of China’s first Vaudeville, Variety and Burlesque club, called Chinatown. Returning to Australia, Jenevieve worked as Senior Course Manager at NIDA and performed in Stories Then and Now, presented by Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP). Most recently, Jenevieve starred in Monkey Baa Theatre’s The Peasant Prince, the award-winning stage adaptation of Mao’s Last Dancer.

Sara Foster (Australian)

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Sara Foster is the bestselling author of five psychological suspense novels: The Hidden Hours, All That is Lost Between Us, Shallow Breath, Beneath the Shadows and Come Back to Me. Her books have been published in Australia, the US and Germany. Sara lives in Western Australia with her husband and two young daughters, and is a doctoral candidate at Curtin University. 

Michaela Kalowski (Australian)

Kalowski, Michaela c John Swainston.jpg

Michaela Kalowski is an interviewer and facilitator. She has conducted radio interviews for the ABC on RN's The Music Show and Big Ideas and has presented programs on ABC Local Radio and RN. She's interviewed writers and thinkers from the worlds of arts, science and politics. Highlight interviews include Amos Oz, Tom Keneally, Daniel Mendelsohn, Anthony Horowitz, Charlotte Wood and Laura Marling.