Can you have your smashed avo on toast and eat it too? As they attempt to navigate a world beset by political instability, climate change and economic insecurity, it turns out the best-educated, most connected generation ever isn’t getting it all handed to them on a platter. Griffith Review co-editor Julianne Schultz talks to Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Brigid Delaney, Briohny Doyle and Jack Manning Bancroft about a system stacked against the younger generation.

Jack Manning Bancroft (Australian)

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Jack is the CEO & Founder of AIME, an award winning company, which has produced groundbreaking results by using the simple tool of mentoring. He founded the organisation in 2005 as a 19 year-old and has since grown AIME's reach and impact all around the globe. Awards to recognise his work includes being the youngest person in Australian history to receive an honorary doctorate, and AIME's work is transforming the face of inequality both at home and abroad for tens of thousands of kids a year. Jack is the editor of Mentoring - The Key to a Fairer World, a collaboration of essays about the making of the AIME movement.

Julianne Schultz (Australian)

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Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the founding editor of Griffith Review. Professor Schultz is a member of the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research and chairs the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. She sits on the editorial board of The Conversation and is a member of the Australia Council for the Arts’ Pool of Peers. She is an acclaimed author of several books, including Reviving the Fourth Estate and Steel City Blues, and the librettos to the operas Black River and Going Into Shadows. She became a Member of the Order of Australia for services to journalism and the community in 2009 and an honorary fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities the following year. She is a thought leader on media and culture and an accomplished public speaker and facilitator. She has served on the board of directors of the ABC and Grattan Institute, and chaired and been a member of many advisory boards with a particular focus on education, journalism and creativity, including the Centre for Advancing Journalism, and the Queensland Design Council.