An email written from a Sydney priest to a Melbourne author saying how much he enjoyed her latest book was the catalyst for an enduring and surprising friendship. Over the years they discussed everything from dinner party menus and shoes to family, faith, grief and love. Their correspondence has been collected in The Attachment, described as ‘a demonstration of how to have a conversation and a friendship’. Ailsa Piper and Tony Doherty join Margot Saville and share the story of their friendship. 

Ailsa Piper (Australian)

Ailsa Piper

Ailsa Piper is a writer, performer, director, teacher and facilitator. Her most recent book was The Attachment, co-authored with Tony Doherty. Her travel memoir, Sinning Across Spain, was re-released in 2017. Her script Small Mercies was co-winner of the Patrick White Playwrights Award. She is sustained by reading, walking, swimming and trees.