New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar Sarah Wilson talks to Helen McCabe about her newest offering, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, which tackles anxiety with searing honesty and insight. Sarah has had anxiety her whole life, and she seeks to encourage fellow sufferers to embrace the possibilities the condition can offer. She challenges accepted definitions of anxiety, and re-frames it as a spiritual quest rather than an affliction, which can ultimately lead to a better life.

Sarah Wilson (Australian)

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Sarah Wilson is a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur. Her journalism career spanned 20 years and included the editorship of Cosmopolitan and hosting the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest-rating show in Australian TV history. She’s the author of the New York Times bestselling books including I Quit Sugar, which is sold in 46 countries and in 12 languages. In her latest work, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, Sarah pulls at the thread of accepted definitions of anxiety, and unravels the notion that it is a difficult, dangerous disease. Instead she reframes anxiety as a quest rather than an affliction, that will lead us closer to what really matters.

Helen McCabe (Australian)

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Helen McCabe is the head of Lifestyle for at Nine Entertainment Co. Helen joined Nine from The Australian Women’s Weekly where she was editor-in-chief at the country's number one selling magazine for 7 years.  Prior to The Weekly she spent 12 years in newspapers working as the deputy editor of The Sunday Telegraph, night editor of The Australian and key roles on The Daily Telegraph. She was also News Limited’s correspondent in London. Helen began her career in Adelaide radio and television before moving to Canberra Press Gallery with the Seven Network. She is on the board of the Garvan Research Foundation and the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, a media ambassador for Adopt Change and chaired the Labor Government’s Body Image committee.