You’ve heard him on the radio, seen him in the Doug Anthony All Stars, and his Conversations podcast is the most downloaded show in Australia. Now Richard Fidler has published his first book, Ghost Empire, which tells the story of a journey with his son through Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire. Richard brings his empathy and insight to this beautifully written tale of a clash of civilisations and the bonds of a father and son. The consummate interviewer is interviewed by ABC’s Ellen Fanning.

Richard Fidler (Australian)

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Richard Fidler is the author of Ghost Empire: the story of his journey to Istanbul with his son Joe, to uncover the history of the lost civilisation of Byzantium. Richard is also the presenter of Conversations with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio. The Conversations podcast is the most downloaded show in Australia. In another life, he was a member of Australian comedy trio The Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS), which played to audiences all over the world.

Ellen Fanning (Australian)

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In her 25 years as an award-winning public affairs journalist, Ellen Fanning has interviewed every Australian Prime Minister from Sir John Grey Gorton to Malcolm Turnbull. She has reported on politics from Canberra to the White House, while her broader career has taken her to locations as diverse as the North Pole, an airline refuelling fighter jets over Bosnia, and a Collins Class submarine deep in the Indian Ocean. She spent the first ten years of her career at the ABC where she presented both the AM and PM current affairs radio programs. She also served as the ABC’s Washington correspondent. She was later a reporter on the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes and the last presenter of Nine’s Sunday program. She is now a regular presence on ABC TV and Radio.