It is a truth universally acknowledged that a perennially popular classic is in want of reworking. Rebecca Vaughan is a writer, actor, and producer who has lent her creative chops to revamping Jane Austen, Mrs Dalloway and Jane Eyre, among others. Writer and comedian Natalie Haynes has taken the classics and turned them on their heads in stand-up routines about figures from ancient Greece and Rome. Join them as they argue with Alys Moody in favour of occasional acts of literary blasphemy. 

Natalie Haynes (International)

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Natalie Haynes is a broadcaster and comedian and the author of The Amber Fury and The Ancient Guide to Modern Life. She also writes for the Guardian and The Independent. She has spoken widely on the modern relevance of the classical world. Her latest book The Children of Jocasta will be published in early May.

Rebecca Vaughan (International)

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Rebecca Vaughan is a writer, actor, producer and director who trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and studied physical theatre with Sachi Kimura. At the 2017 Sydney Writers’ Festival, Rebecca will perform the five-star solo show, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, embodying Jane and several other characters in Bronte's intimate study of the realities of love and the relationship between Eyre and Master Edward Rochester. Her extraordinary one-woman shows have been described as a kind of ‘historical ventriloquism’. To her credit are: Dalloway, I, Elizabeth, Austen's Women and Female Gothic.

Alys Moody (Australian)

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Alys Moody is a lecturer in English at Macquarie University, where she teaches and writes about modernism and contemporary literature. She is currently completing a book about the starving artist, and editing an anthology of essays and manifestos from global modernism. She holds a PhD from Oxford University and a BA and MPhil from the University of Sydney.