Explore the process of writing a novel for children with award-winning author and television writer R.A. Spratt. The author of the popular Friday Barnes and Nanny Piggins series, R.A. Spratt has a knack for creating engaging characters and addictive storylines. She’ll cover the basics of plotting a novel, share tips for generating ideas and give you some sage advice on how to see it through to completion. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss your own work with the group.

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Rachel Spratt (Australian)

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R.A. Spratt is the author of Friday Barnes, Danger Ahead the 6th book in this gripping school-based mystery series. R.A. Spratt also wrote the The Adventures of Nanny Piggins. This nine book series is about an impossibly glamorous flying pig who ran away from a circus to become a childcare worker, and flagrantly ignores all contemporary theories about healthy eating. R.A. has written for 32 different television shows. Even she has trouble remembering what they were all called. R.A. Spratt lives in Bowral.