Meredith Jaffé’s The Fence is a funny, terrifying look at how tensions between neighbours can escalate. Guaranteed to resonate and ignite discussion, Meredith’s keen eye for satire means that this book will hit very close to home. Join Meredith for a lively discussion about privacy, boundaries, community and whether good fences really do make good neighbours.

Meredith Jaffé (Australian)

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Meredith Jaffé wrote the weekly literary column The Bookshelf for the online women’s magazine The Hoopla; sharing literary news, reviewing books and interviewing writers. She regularly chairs panels, presents workshops and interviews fellow authors for various literary events and writers’ festivals. As a keen believer in the power of literacy, Meredith volunteers at The Footpath Library where she manages their annual EPIC! writing competition for school children. Her first novel, The Fence, was published in 2016.