When journalist Lucy Clark’s daughter graduated from school as a ‘failure’, Lucy started asking hard questions about the way we measure success. Her book Beautiful Failures explores–through personal and journalistic investigation – the pressure that is placed on kids today: where it comes from, what we can do to reduce it, and how to fix a broken education system that fails too many kids. She talks to Suzanne Leal.

Presented with the State Library of NSW.

Lucy Clark (Australian)

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Lucy Clark is a journalist and author of 32 years experience in newspapers and magazines in London, New York, and Sydney. Her book Beautiful Failures : How The Quest for Success is Harming our Kids looks at the broken education system through journalistic investigation and personal experience. She is currently a senior editor at The Guardian Australia.

Suzanne Leal (Australian)

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Suzanne Leal is the author of novels The Teacher’s Secret and Border Street. A lawyer experienced in child protection, criminal law and refugee law, Suzanne is the senior judge for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and a former judge of ‘The Nib’ Waverley Library Award for Literature. She has been a legal commentator on ABC radio and is a regular interviewer at literary events and festivals.