No-one turns up where they’re not wanted quite like satirist, documentarian and writer John Safran. His latest offering, Depends What You Mean by Extremist, delves into the world of white nationalists, ISIS supporters, anarchists and more. Drinking shots with nationalists, and gobbling falafel with radicals, John was there the year extremism entered everyday life. He talks to Sally Warhaft about the political climate in Australia, his adventures with extremists, and the lessons he learned. 

John Safran (Australian)

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John Safran is an author and documentary maker. His debut book Murder In Mississippi won the 2014 Ned Kelly Award for Best True Crime and iTunes iBook Best Non-Fiction for 2013. In 2015, John hung up his headphones after co-hosting Sunday Night Safran (Triple J) for ten years with Father Bob Maguire before returning to our screens in The Goddam Election! for SBS. Depends What You Mean By Extremist: Going Rogue with Australian Depolorables is his second book.

Sally Warhaft (Australian)

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Sally Warhaft is a Melbourne broadcaster, anthropologist and writer and the host of the Wheeler Centre’s live journalism series, the Fifth Estate, now in its sixth year. She is a former editor of The Monthly magazine and the author of the bestselling book Well May We Say: The Speeches that Made Australia.