The pencils have been sharpened and the paper prepped. The ultimate live drawing battle is back. Top children's book illustrators Gus Gordon, James Gulliver Hancock, Fiona Katauskas, Lauren Marriot, Matthew Martin, Cheryl Orsini, Leila Rudge and Matt Stanton push each other to their drawing limits as they race each other and the ticking clock. See sassy squiggles, collisions of colour and fantastical faces all come to life, live on stage. Who will win? Be there to find out with host ABC Radio Sydney’s James Valentine. Rec. age 5+.

Free, bookings essential. Maximum 4 tickets per event per booking. Collect your pre-booked tickets for events at these venues from the information booth on Pier 4/5 on the day (all uncollected tickets will be released 15 minutes prior to each session).

James Gulliver Hancock (Australian)

Hancock, James Gulliver.jpg

James Gulliver Hancock lives up to his middle namesake having travelled intensively, including overland from Sydney, Australia to London, England. He is well known for his books and web series All the Buildings in New York which has spawned similar projects in cities around the world. He has published with Lonely Planet Kids on How to be a World Explorer and How Cities Work explaining the world to kids through whimsical illustration.  James is passionate about making engaging illustrations that encourage exploration and learning while also being fun for all ages to explore. 

Matthew Martin (Australian)

Martin, Matthew c Andrew Cowen.jpeg

Matthew Martin was born in Broken Hill, NSW. He is a cartoonist and illustrator. His drawings have been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Times (London). He has illustrated books for children and for adults, designed posters and made animations, and has been a finalist in the Dobell Prize for Drawing. He lived in New York for eleven years and now lives in Sydney.

Fiona Katauskas (Australian)

Katauskas, Fiona c Adrian Cook.jpg

Fiona Katauskas is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has appeared in a wide range of newspapers, magazines, websites, political cartoon anthologies and exhibitions. She has also designed greeting cards for the Ink Group and t-shirts for Mambo and produces Talking Pictures on ABC TV's Insiders program. Despite being a grown up, Fiona is also a passionate reader of children's and young adult literature. The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made, her first book, was shortlisted for the 2016 Children's Book Council of Australia Awards.

Leila Rudge (Australian)

Rudge, Leila.jpg

Leila Rudge is the award-winning and much-loved author and illustrator. She grew up in England but headed to Australia after completing an Illustration Degree at Bath Spa University. Ted, her first picture book as both author and illustrator, was a 2104 CBCA Notable Book. And her latest title, Gary, has just been shortlisted in Early Childhood Picture Book of the Year.

Gus Gordon (Australian)

Gordon, Gus.jpg

Gus Gordon is an internationally acclaimed author, illustrator. He has illustrated and written over 80 books for children. His picture book Herman and Rosie, a New York love story, has been sold into 12 countries. Gus’s latest picture book Somewhere Else is about George Laurent, a duck who has no interest in travelling. In 2016 Gus was nominated for the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Cheryl Orsini (Australian)

Orsini, Cheryl.jpg

Cheryl Orsini taught herself to draw as a young girl. She studied Visual Communications at UTS and finally, when she could grow no more, she started illustrating children's books, magazines and decorating a great many peg dolls! Her books include Lucy's Book,The Tales of Mrs Mancini,The Fairy Dancers, Caravan Fran and Pom Pom, Where Are You?. Her work also regularly appears in magazines and exhibitions.

Lauren Marriott (International)

Marriott, Lauren.jpg

Lauren Marriott is, above all things, a doodler. There was never any questioning her career path. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in illustration, she has made a successful living doodling. Endlessly. Her two recent titles for Scribble Children’s Picture Books are Doodle Cat and Doodle Cat is Bored.

Matt Stanton (Australian)

Stanton, Matt c Steve Baccon.jpg

Matt Stanton is a bestselling children's author and illustrator, with over a quarter of a million books in print. He is the co-creator of seven bestselling picture books, including the mega-hits, There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts and This is a Ball. His latest book, written with his wife Beck, is The Red Book. He is launching his much-anticipated middle-grade series, Funny Kid around the world in July 2017.

James Valentine (Australian)

Valentine, James.jpg

James Valentine presents Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney. He is also the presenter of ABC TV’s weekly arts show The Mix. He’s been working in media as a TV producer, broadcaster, feature writer, reviewer for over thirty years. He wrote the JumpMan series for young readers and began his working life as a musician appearing with Models and Jo Camilleri.